The hardware is ready. What about the teachers and parents? The World Wide Web is a rich and famous social giant. How do we put it to work for education? The Saddleback Valley Unified School District, one of the largest K-12 districts in Orange County, has an answer. They have made connecting Saddleback Classrooms to the Internet a priority and they are now among the most connected districts in the nation. Their far-sightedness has opened the Internet's vast resources of worldwide universities, museums, governments, and libraries for their students.
Catch this hands-on, nuts and bolts series designed to move viewers for Web ground zero to solid understanding. Case studies, wise techno-kids (the next Bill Gates?), and tours of wonderful Web sites fill this fast paced, information-rich, lighthearted look at the Web. Best of all, the KOCE phone banks will be manned by Web-savvy mentor teachers from Saddleback Valley USD, ready to answer your questions as you take your first steps on the Internet.

Wired to the Web - Now What?
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Saddleback Valley Unified School District - KOCE Television - January 1998.
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