1. Look at PacBell's Blue Webn site and find a project in your curricular area.

2. Bookmark the project and write down the URL.

3. Look at a SCORE site that is in your curricular area and find a resource that is on that site.

4. Bookmark the resource and write down the URL.

5. Go to the Nanoworld site and write down the different types of microscopes that they used.

6. Go to www.adobe.com and download the acrobat reader. Then go to the AUP on Saddleback's page and down load the PDF version. Print out the PDF version.

7. Look at Frank Potter's Science Gems and determine how he organized his site.

8. Go to the AltaVista site and translate this web page into a different language. http://www.svusd.k12.ca.us/wired/whatis.html


Don't forget to take the online quiz.



Program Two


PacBell's Blue Webn Site

URL: http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/bluewebn/

Excellent links on this site. Full of great lesson plans and curriculum centered links.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

URL: http://www.usw.nps.navy.mil/~millercw/aq/

Find out the latest events and research at one of America's largest aquariums.

Cornell Law

URL: www.law.cornell.edu

The Cornell Law site.

Chico High School Library

URL: http://www.chs.chico.k12.ca.us/libr/webres/helpful.html

An excellent one page list of links. Great for research and study.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

URL: http://www.whoi.edu/

Marine research at its best. A great K-12 resource section giving schools resources about ocean topics.



SCORE - Schools of California - Online Resource for Education. This is s California Technology Assistance Program project provided free to our district.

SCORE - Mathematics

SCORE - Language Arts

SCORE - Science

SCORE - History/Social Science

Frank Potters Science Gems

URL: http://www-sci.lib.uci.edu/SEP/SEP.html

Look at this fantastic list of Science sites developed by UCI Professor Frank Potter and consultant Jim Martindale.


URL: http://www.uq.oz.au/nanoworld/nanohome.html

The Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis is an interdisciplinary research and service facility dedicated to an understanding of the structure and composition of all materials at atomic, molecular, cellular and macromolecular scales.


URL: http://www.scubed.com/caltrans/

Real-time traffic and weather reports for Southern California.

Frog and Toad CyberGuide

URL: http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/score/frog/frogtg.html

Find student activities, rubrics and links to the net.

Of Mice and Men CyberGuide

URL: http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/score/mice/micetg.html

Find student activities, rubrics and links to the net.


URL: www.kv5.com

Join archaeologists in Egypt's Valley of the Kings as they post their discoveries on the web as soon as they are made. This find of the century is KV5 thought to be the mausoleum of as many as 50 sons of Ramses II, one of Egypt's most important pharaohs. Leader of the expedition, Kent Weeks of American University in Cairo, says that more than 110 rooms have already been found, and thousands of artifacts. This website is growing by the week with postings of new discoveries, discussions by archaeologists, pictures of tomb painting and much more.

AltaVista Search and Translation Services.

URL: http://www.altavista.digital.com

Translate a page into French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish and back again.

Scholastic Online

URL: http://www.scholastic.com

Scholastic is full of resources for teachers. Projects and experts add a new dimension to traditional lessons.



URL: http://www.movielink.com

Check your local theater to see what's playing. Find out more information about movies including reviews.

Dancing Baby

URL: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/rlussier/animpage.htm

See the baby that was on Ally McBeal. Whatch him dance.

Twinkie Experiments

URL: http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~gouge/twinkies.html

Two college students use the scientific method on a twinkie. Find out all of the strange but true facts about twinkies.

Plug-ins and Add-ons


URL: http://www.adobe.com

Download the Acrobat reader from this site. Acrobat reads and prints documents that are on the web in the PDF format.

Saddleback Valley's AUP

URL: www.svusd.k12.ca.us/aup

This is SVUSD's Electronic Network Agreement Form. All of the SVUSD staff and students are required to sign this form in order to use the Internet.

Apple's QuickTime Plug-in

URL: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/sw/index.html

Allows you to view QuickTime Movies through your browser. Read all of the instructions to determine what version you need.

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